Cured In Place Pipe Relining


Cured In Place Pipe Relining
Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Relining is a technique used to restore and preserve a cracked, broken, root intrusive or leaking pipeline, providing the circular formation of the structure still exists.

The CIPP approach does not involve any excavation of pipes to replace them. Instead a faster and more efficient technique known as “inversion” is used to install and form a new seamless pipeline inside the damaged pipe.

Flexible resin infused liners are inserted into a pipe, pressurised, and using heat or UV light, adhered to the existing pipework, essentially creating a new pipe inside the existing one.

The advantages to CIPP Relining include minimum disruption to the location of the pipeline, no need for excavation or re-instatement, helps to prevent root ingress, and it is significantly more cost-effective.