Here at Aquaflow, we offer a wide range of services from design, installation to fault rectification and maintenance management.

With over 30 years of experience and a fleet of 40 vehicles equipped with the latest plumbing and drainage technology, Aquaflow Services can provide a number of maintenance packages to support your needs.  Our field operatives pride themselves on maintaining an effective and efficient solutions for a wide range of faults.  Our repair services are carried out without compromising or disrupting your daily schedule and operations.


Summary of supporting service:


• Pipe cleaning, descaling, root removal
• Pipe relining
• Pipe repairs/replacements
• Drainage tracing and mapping
• New or modified installations


• Toilet Repairs & Installations
• Burst Pipes/Floods
• Gutters & Downpipes
• Pipe freezing
• Leaks & overflows
• Pipework Replacement
• Isolation valves/stopcocks
• Vented & Unvented Cylinders
• Hot Water Repairs & Installations

Chemical Dosing

The Dosing process is becoming very popular across most industries. It is beneficial for businesses as it reduces waste, improves quality, is safe, precise, repeatable and sustainable.

How does it work with drain management?  Our automatic bio-enzyme dosing unit is an efficient way of drain management, as it doses enzyme-based chemicals at timed intervals into the drain, urinal systems.  The enzyme-based chemical helps with breaking down of the build-up of uric acid scale, whilst dispelling urine odours.  Our units are also effective with grease trap management.

• Naturally lowers the water to pH4 to reduce scale
• Effectively dispels urine odours
• Breaks down fat, oils and greases
• Units are controlled by a digital timer, controlling dosing intervals
• Installed and serviced regularly by our fully trained Professional Operatives